High-Dosage Tutoring for Virginia's Students

The "ALL IN VA" program is allocating a minimum of $150,000 to each division (a total of $418 million) to recover learning loss and promote academic performance. 

It is recommended that 70% of funds be used for high-dosage tutoring.

Littera is the most cost-effective tutoring provider. Let's connect!

Littera Education meets all VDOE

funding and program recommendations

ALL IN VA Program Requirements (2)


Tutors are trained and ready to deliver lessons

on these high-quality, SOL-aligned instructional materials



Structured literacy approach
Based on Science of Reading
Authored by Wiley Blevins

All Grades

Delta Math - Final (1)

K-Algebra II

Targets most important 5-7 skills
Comprehensive progress monitoring
Virtual manipulatives engage students

Acceleration &
Credit Recovery

2023 Edmentum All Products Curriculum Page (12)

Individualized learning paths
Reading, ELA, Algebra, Geometry
Support for credit recovery

Let us do the heavy lifting
(so you don't have to)

High-dosage tutoring is no easy feat. We work directly with each school's principal and staff to coordinate scheduling, student rostering, and grouping. We also handle lesson planning and ongoing monitoring to ensure your students see outcomes.

We fully manage your tutoring program.

You rest easy knowing every student is getting help.

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Consistent tutors put relationships first

Students meet with the same tutors via live audio/video (or in person) for all sessions, building trust and rapport along the way.

Becoming a Littera tutor is a rigorous process—only 8% of applicants are accepted. All pass a 4-part background check and 99% have a 4-year degree.



Data & reporting show tutoring's impact

Littera reports meet district accountability requirements by providing:

  • # of students enrolled
  • Attendance for each student and tutor, by program site
  • Hours of programming each student received
  • Program schedule per site (# days/week tutoring was provided, per subject)
  • Summary of program progress notes by tutors


Reporting Dashboard

"VA students continue to suffer from persistent learning loss." -VDOE

  • 50% of students are at risk of not meeting grade level expectations in reading
  • 66% of students are at risk of not meeting expectations in math

"VDOE recommends school divisions allocate this $418 million in learning loss resources to proven programs that will achieve the greatest student impact–approximately 70% for high-dose tutoring..." 

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Experienced tutoring in Virginia

With Littera, we’re able to serve more students and at a much higher quality than ever before.

The quality of the Littera tutors is second to none.”

Drew Coleman
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